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We will be OPEN October 6th and 7th 11AM to 3PM. This month coincides with the Robinson Heath Toffee Festival and parade in town, mere blocks away.  Also, viewings for groups are available off times by appointment. Admission fee is adults $10, veterans with ID $8, under 16 $5. Repeat visitors bringing a new guest are 1/2 price. While the building is insulated it is not heated or cooled. In cold weather it's typically 20* warmer inside and in hot weather typically 20* cooler inside so dress accordingly. There are no restrooms on site at this time so please plan ahead. Since I am still actively collecting, contact me the week you plan to visit to be sure I am going to be around. Please do not wait until you are on the road or Friday at midnight to check on my status. I'd hate to waste your time and not be here when you arrive. There is a sign out front when it is open and the entrance door can stick so pull hard. 

Use the contact me button to email or call and leave a message if I don't answer. I will get back to you ASAP.

Always looking...

I am always looking for NOS or good used Oldsmobile parts, restored cars, possible parts cars, signs or anything related to Olds, GM or REO.

For sale...

I have lots of new and used parts for sale over a wide range. Part numbers are very helpful in searching my inventory. I do not use paypal but do accept postal mo, bank wire or checks with a delay on shipping. Periodically I have complete cars for sale and excess memorabilia for sale. 

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